Monday, August 17, 2009

What About Blog?

I actually hesitated to post a comment to another designer's blog tonight for fear that he would, in turn, look at my blog, and see only Sippy Kitty and a handful of dated sketches from way back Winter Quarter. Hence, some work from Spring Quarter.

I know I said I loved L.A, but if I'm being perfectly honest here, New York makes L.A. look like a stupid little strip mall in the desert. Presently looking into the possibility of legally marrying Brooklyn. It's a stretch I know. Enjoying my time here as much as possible, as the design scene isn't exactly "up my alley". It saddens me to leave, knowing there's just not an NY career here for me.

Explaining these pieces - The first 5 pics are of what I eventually came to for my Cadillac studio. I'm not exactly thrilled with the design so much as I am thrilled with how boss those top 3 renderings look, but this is what happens when you make drastic decisions in the modeling process with less than a month to go.

The bottom 2 pieces are of an Alfa Romeo door panel I just thought was kinda hot, and sustainable BMW fashion, featured on 2 ridiculous models with no material thickness or restraint in the physical vulgarity department.

I'd write the obligatory "expect more work soon" thing down here, but I don't want to jinx it. Looking forward to seeing my Cincinnati folk September 1st - unless my attempts to become something retarded like an ice cream truck driver or a life coach work out- in which case I will be staying in New York forever.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sippy Kitty

Above: Our manufacturing and processes class is finally something other than a joke with no punchline. Our last task was to design a simple product using the plastic processes we'd just learned - a task that resulted in this : Sippy Kitty, a low-cost canteen and water purifier for children in the third world. I'd like to say it turned out "cute" but "slightly menacing" seems more appropriate.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nothing Productive

Loving Los Angeles - sketching my ass off at Hot Wheels. Unfortunately, can't share any of that until 2010, when those 1:64 nuggets of happiness hit WalMart shelves, and I'm forced to actually acknowledge that WalMart exists again.

Gotten hardcore into biking - and my super-nice, super-gorgeous bikini model roommate (I'm not making this stuff up) just GAVE me a $1,000 Dawes road bike in an effort to spite an ex-boyfriend who'd left it behind. Sure it's made in China, but it's a Veyron compared to the $200 Schwinn I've been flogging. Getting to the point: If I'm not working, I'm biking - unless of course it rains...

These post-apocalyptic prestige cars are the result of said meteoroligical event. Call it Death Race 3000, call it Mad Max - call it whatever. I had fun with it.

Will be posting some more work soon - hopefully. Need to redesign my Cadillac - badly.