Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nothing Productive

Loving Los Angeles - sketching my ass off at Hot Wheels. Unfortunately, can't share any of that until 2010, when those 1:64 nuggets of happiness hit WalMart shelves, and I'm forced to actually acknowledge that WalMart exists again.

Gotten hardcore into biking - and my super-nice, super-gorgeous bikini model roommate (I'm not making this stuff up) just GAVE me a $1,000 Dawes road bike in an effort to spite an ex-boyfriend who'd left it behind. Sure it's made in China, but it's a Veyron compared to the $200 Schwinn I've been flogging. Getting to the point: If I'm not working, I'm biking - unless of course it rains...

These post-apocalyptic prestige cars are the result of said meteoroligical event. Call it Death Race 3000, call it Mad Max - call it whatever. I had fun with it.

Will be posting some more work soon - hopefully. Need to redesign my Cadillac - badly.


NesAn said...

WOW!!! You dude!!! I like your pictures! Cool! Many thanks! =D

DAAPsquatch said...

Sick stuff Dave, you know I'm loving the GT-R... and introduce me to this room mate of yours, haha.

Glad to hear you're enjoying LA as much, or even more than I did.